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    長澤まさみ (Masami Nagasawa): ‘チャイ飲む?’ (Would you like some chai?)


Yuriko Shiratori,白鳥百合子


    Yuriko Shiratori,白鳥百合子

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    A digital art display platform from Japan with motion detection, available in two sizes - kickstarter video embedded below:

    FRAMED is an Internet connected display that allows you to showcase artwork in a way that has never been done before. 

    Designed to be the world’s first canvas for the art of our generation, allowing you to experience and enjoy beautiful art within a normal, everyday setting. Perfect for creators and fans of visual culture alike, hang it on your wall, choose an artwork, and transform your space into a living, virtual gallery of creative expressions. 

    The evolution of technology and accessibility of the internet has brought out an expansive range and depth in digital art, and now, FRAMED can bring digital art into your everyday.

    Over the course of a year, we’ve built two sizes (24-inch / 40-inch) with immense care and attention to craftsmanship. Every unit contains a gorgeous full-HD display, graphics processing, integrated inputs, and motion sensors within a mere 18mm (0.7 inches) in depth. We’ve created a minimalist object as the perfect backdrop for showcasing artwork, while maintaining powerful features to allow each frame to be totally unique, and exactly what you, the creator, makes of it.

    More can be found at the Kickstarter page here

    Some thoughts from Filip Visnjic at Creative Applications can be found here

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矢野未希子 (Mikiko Yano): MORE - Sep 2014

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Erina Mano 真野恵里菜


    Na margem do outro lado da tristeza
    Dizem que se encontra um sorriso

    On the shore on the other side of sorrow 
    They say a smile is

    Only Human - K (Feat. 김동완) 

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